Mike's Kids Literacy Grant Application

Mike’s Kids Education Foundation will award up to 18 literacy grants each school year to Madison County Schools teachers for the purpose of promoting literacy development for Madison County Schools students.

Each complete grant application will include the following:

  • Grant applicant’s name and contact information
  • Grant applicant’s school and grade level or subject taught
  • Program/Project Title
  • Purpose of Program/Project – please include information about learning targets, student engagement, and impact on literacy.
  • Population served and estimated number of participants
  • Description of Program/Project
  • Budget – Please be as specific as possible. If the budget exceeds the $500 allowed by the grant, please include how you will make up the difference.

Grant applicants can follow these guidelines:

  • Be creative
  • Be specific – What are you doing? Why? What materials are you buying?
  • Check your math
  • Make sure your application is as complete as possible before submitting it.

Timeline: Proposals will be reviewed and grant recipients will be notified in November. Requests to purchase must be submitted by January 31.

Review Process: The MKEF Board uses a rubric for assessing and awarding grants.

Budget: Detailed budget information is essential. If it is not possible to give exact amounts, please give the best estimates possible, noting the amounts are estimates. If your budget exceeds the $500 allowed by the grant, don’t forget to include how the excess costs will be paid.

Grant requirements: Each grant recipient will be asked to attend the December Madison County Board of Education regular meeting for recognition. Each grant recipient will be required to submit a written report and photos at the close of the grant project. This information may be used on the MKEF website and in other MKEF promotional materials.

Click HERE for a printable version of the Literacy Grant Guide and Scoring Rubric.

Application must be completed and submitted online by Oct. 31. For questions, call Lisa Caudill at (859) 986-7954 or e-mail

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