Each year, Mike's Kids Education Foundation awards two $1,000 scholarships to seniors at Madison Central and Madison Southern high schools.

Recipients are students who have the potential to continue their education, but need a little extra push to stay on track. These students may have had academic difficulties, socioeconomic constraints or have overcome obstacles and hardships in life to graduate. Scholarship recipients should also exhibit leadership skills, trust, good moral character and have a caring attitude toward others.

Recipients include:

2008Michael Bosley, Madison Central
James Royal, Madison Southern

2009Randa Colley, Madison Central
Damien Spanke, Madison Southern

2010George Rothwell, Madison Central
Chelsea Sparks, Madison Southern

2011Tim VanZant, Madison Central
Rachel Saylor, Madison Southern

2012Ramey Tompkins, Madison Southern

2013Jeff Hamblin, Madison Central
Samantha VanWinkle, Madison Southern

2014Shelbie D. Dixon, Madison Central
Roger A. VanWinkle, Madison Southern

2015Jeffery Davis, Madison Central

Scholarship applications must be submitted by April 30.

Online Scholarship Application

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