Mike's Kids Scholarship Application


Any high school senior that attends Madison Southern or Madison Central High School is eligible to receive a scholarship in the sum of $1,000. 

The Application Process

The applicant is to be faculty nominated. Only faculty members can submit an application to the school guidance counselor or school administrator.

A faculty member of each school may submit the name, information, and description of a senior student who best embodies the qualities and the spirit of Mike Caudill, along with being a "Mike's Kid." This student must plan on pursuing a post-secondary education at a college/university, technical school, or trade school. The recipient must be a "Mike's Kid," someone who may have academic difficulties, may have socioeconomic constraints, or has overcome obstacles and hardships in life to graduate. They should also possess the personal qualities that Mike Caudill possessed, such as being respectful, personable, caring, motivated, must be morally sound, and they must demonstrate strong leadership qualities.

Applications must be submitted by April 30, 2016, to a school counselor or administrator.

The Selection Process

A selection committee from each high school, consisting of school counselors and school administrators, will make a recommendation of three names to the family of Mike Caudill. The Caudill family will then select the award recipients based upon recommendations from each high school selection committee. 

The winning recipient will be presented a plaque recognizing his/her accomplishment as well as having his/her name permanently inscribed on a school plaque. The financial award will be sent to the post-secondary school of choice.

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